MoonDeploy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to add liquidity to your token. After that, your token will be listed on PancakeSwap or another swap platform, it will have price, and people can  trade it.

You can decide the initial price of your token depending on how many tokens and  BNB. Ex: you add liquidity with 1000 tokens and 1 BNB. Now the price of your  token is 0.001 BNB.

No, after deployment, you can't add more functions or features. You can only  edit some values of your contract, such as taxes, and interact with functions  of your contract.

If you go to BscScan or EtherScan, you'll find the write contract section. Go to the update/set marketing tax function and enter the value you want to  change. Ex: enter 5 to set marketing tax to 5%.

You go to BscScan or EtherScan, and you'll find the write contract section. Go to the update/set liquidity fee function and enter the value you want to  change. Ex: enter 5 to set liquidity fee to 5%.

Yes, you can contact our dev and send details about your project.

A contract will be verified automatically after deployment. You don't need to do anything.

It will be available on BscScan, EtherScan, or others after deployment.

“To have an address verified, the user would need :
1. A BscScan account
2. To have signed a message once to verify ownership of each address “.
- source BscScan

No, you can’t update from your token to Pro Token. You need to create it from the beginning.

You can do basic trading and transfer tokens, renounce ownership, mint and burn tokens.

No, testnet is not available at the moment. However if you use our customized token service to develop your smart contract, you can use it on the testnet.

You can send a request to our dev team, we’ll add the reward token within 24 hours.

Yes, you can go to BscScan or EtherScan or other similar websites to interact with your token contract.

It's 0.39 BNB, the Pro token.

No, it's impossible to upgrade any token

Start from 2 BNB.

No, we don't. It's others' service.

You need:
- Add liquidity to it
- Create a token logo (optional)
- Lock your liquidity (optional)
- Send airdrop (optional)

There is no standard for liquidity amount. You should add what you can afford. But obviously, more is always better.

There are different ways to burn tokens:
- Send tokens to 0x0 or 0xdead addresses, the total supply of tokens doesn't change.
- Completely remove the tokens and reduce the total supply of tokens

You need to enter the required parameters. Just follow our instructions and watch video tutorials.

To connect with Trust Wallet, you can:
- open MoonDeploy from a PC/laptop and scan the barcode on WalletConnect
- open MoonDeploy from Dapp Browser on Trust Wallet

Reward token works by collecting taxes from transactions and distributing them to holders.

Standard token doesn't have a fee structure

Our marketing partner will help you to boost your project if you create token from our website.

It's impossible to recover BNB sent to the token address.

The difference is the buyback.
Buyback and burn: buy some tokens and burn them.
Burn: burn the tokens directly.

Yes, you will receive ETH taxes for the marketing tax token on Ethereum Network. If you select other networks, you receive the native token for that network.

Yes, it does.

Yes, you can change the fees and taxes after deployment.

Yes, everything is the same after the merge.

Yes, absolutely.

Contracts will be verified automatically after deployment.

Yes, you can change it later.

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